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How to Plan Your Activities Using a Personal Concierge

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

To some, life is a fast-flowing stream. Others see themselves as race cars in a do-or-die finish line sprint. Still, others view it as a battlefield of literal cutthroat competition.

Whichever view you subscribe to, you’ll agree that responsibilities and worries can often swamp you to the point where you become disorganized.

At times, keeping track of one’s personal affairs can be extremely difficult, with poor time management encroaching on what is an already stuffed schedule.

This is where a personal concierge can be of help.

At Penultima Services, we always preach the value of planning in personal life.

It’s not just about decluttering your physical space and remembering to take out the trash. It’s also about clearing mental cobwebs and staying focused on the things that matter, without forgoing other basic duties.

As an individual, in planning your activities, you should formulate your plan based on how you carry them out. It’s similar to organizing your workflow from the smallest to the bigger things, or vice versa.

For most, it’s ideal to split your activities along these lines:

Daily tasks

These are the ‘non-negotiables.’ You simply can’t get around them, as they are tasks crucial to optimum day-to-day productivity.

Even if many daily tasks are recurring, you should still have a daily schedule.

You can tick off each task as soon as you’re done, making it into a routine. This way, you won’t forget important appointments and tasks.

Equally, you won’t have to spend so much time worrying about exactly how to start each day.

Examples of day-to-day activities include housekeeping and chores, watering plans, phone calls, and special lessons.

However, these are just average, basic instances. You’ll have to figure out what is most efficient for you, depending on your unique experience and activities.

Monthly Tasks

The next rung on the ladder of personal organization is monthly tasks. These are to-dos that aren’t as urgent as daily tasks but are still important.

Monthly organizational tasks may include grocery shopping, menu planning, bill paying, and playdate schedules.

While they may not be as urgent as daily tasks, you can save a great deal of time and avoid stress by making time out to do certain activities monthly.

In the long run, it helps you become more time-efficient.

Quarterly tasks

At this stage, the urgency and frequency of the task are greatly reduced.

However, the fact that they often involve degradable physical elements means that they are just as important as daily tasks.

Though, because the activities are so few and far between, one can easily forget to carry them out until it is too late, and the damage has been done.

Some quarterly tasks include subscriptions, computer backups, changing engine oils, and waxing.

Annual tasks

Carried out yearly, annual tasks include identifying birthdays and anniversaries, dental checks, vet checks, and car servicing.

These tasks can easily get lost amid a sea of daily, monthly, and even quarterly tasks.

So, marking them on your calendar is a good way to note them. That way, you can stay organized at all times and focus on the key things.

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